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Under the protocol of cooperation for the promotion of the Franco-Japanese collaboration in the field of information science and technology, signed between CNRS / CDST (now the CNRS / INIST) JICST and our predecessor, it had opened an office in Paris in 1984. Subsequently, the Paris office JICST expanded the scope of its activities to exchange scientific information and technology with similar scientific organizations in other European countries. Since the merger of JICST and JRDC into a single agency, the JST, the activity of our Paris office has expanded to coordinating relations with the French assets in the same sectors as the JST, particularly in the basic research and the promotion of science knowledge, the collection of information science and technology from France or other European countries, the dissemination of Japanese scientific or technological information, as well as many other activities to promote collaborations in many areas between Japan and France or other European countries.
Specifically, we play a role in the promotion of joint research undertaken by the CNRS and the ANR in the areas of basic research and exchanges for research established under the auspices of the Cooperation Framework Agreement currently in force between JST and CNRS and between JST and ANR.