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Activities of JST Paris Office

As the sole JST center in Europe, JST Paris Office is primarily engaged in the following kinds of activities:

・Support for the overseas extension of JST programs
JST Paris Office provides support for the promotion of JST programs in Europe. For example, memoranda of cooperation have been concluded with nine nations in the region and with the European Commission regarding Strategic International Cooperative Programs, and activities intended to promote and support international cooperation in science and technology research are being actively pursued. JST Paris Office is also working in support of JST headquarters to facilitate these research cooperation programs. JST Paris Office is further providing active support for other JST programs underway in the European region, including Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development programs that promote joint international research by researchers from Japan and developing countries in coordination with official development assistance (ODA) from the Japanese government.

・Collection and Dissemination of Overseas Information
JST Paris Office collects information on European trends in science and technology policy and related matters and disseminates the collected information on the Daily Watcher Website operated by the JST Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS) as well as in the form of reports and by other means intended to reach a broad audience.

・Strengthening the Presence of Japanese Science and Technology
JST Paris Office networks with the principal science and technology agencies and organizations to introduce the results achieved by JST programs and also pursues other such activities that work to strengthen the overseas presence of the JST and of Japanese science and technology.