JST Programs / Projects

JST Headquarters Homepage

Overseas Branch Office

JST Database

Literature/Online Journals

J-STAGE - Electronic journal site for Japan's academic societies

Journal of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Electronic journals for promoting the activities of industry, academia and government collaboration (Japanese only)

Patents & Technologies

J-STORE - Database for patents and other research results

Researchers & Research Institutions

JREC-IN Portal - Career support portal site for all researchers and research staff

researchmap - Directory database of research and development activities

JST Project DB beta - Find JST's Projects


Landslide Map Database - Database of landslide maps

Portal Sites

Science Portal - Japan's Science and Technology Information (Japanese only)


mtSNP - Human Mitochondrial Genome Polymorphism Database

LipidBank - Database of natural lipids including fatty acids, glycerolipids, sphingolipids, steroids, and various vitamins


J-GLOBAL - Japanese chemical substance dictionary(Japanese text only)


FDDB(Forest Dynamics Databaseļ¼‰ - Forest Dynamics Database

Integrated Search Engine

J-GLOBAL - Search engine linking researchers, literatures, patents, institutes, and other information (Japanese only)