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Promoting Business Using Advanced Technology

Enterprise development of new technology links S&T Basic Research conducted at research institutes including universities and practical Application Research conducted at companies, in order to put S&T seeds into commercial use and share them with the society.

- Points of Activity -
  • Bridging the gaps between universities and companies, between seeds and needs

    In order to transform advanced technological seeds generated in universities and other research institutions into commercial use, JST comprehensively supports technology transfer by helping universities with securing intellectual property rights for research results, and through training programs to develop human resources for industry-academia collaborations.

  • Promoting the application of innovative research results to benefit society

    In order to generate S&T innovation, JST supports a wide range of industry-academia collaborative R&D. Examples of JST’s funding are feasibility studies for creating practical industrial applications, testing of product concepts, establishing entrepreneurial ventures, and implementing hand-offs to corporate-led commercialization. JST also promotes "Comprehensive Support Programs for Creation of Regional Innovation" which seamlessly support research and development from discovery of seeds to practical implementation with 16 JST Innovation Plaza/ Satellite developed nationwide being bases.

  • Main Activities
    • Center for Intellectual Property Strategies

      JST established the Center for Intellectual Property Strategies in April 2009 for the purpose of contributing to the design of national intellectual property strategies. These contributions are made through surveys and policy proposals based on these surveys, through symposia, and through patent analytics for R&D.

    • The Program for "Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development" (S-Innovation)

      This activity aims to bring up fruitful results ("seeds") of the JST Basic Research Programs (CREST, ERATO, PRESTO, SORST) to "key technologies" which will create new industries and provide benefit to our society through innovation. To meet this objective, JST first sets up specific R&D themes among successful seeds of the basic research and then gathers several collaboration teams under each theme, supporting long R&D process seamlessly and promoting information sharing between teams.

    • Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-Driven R&D (A-STEP)

      Through this innovative program, JST funds R&D pipelines for commercializing promising research results generated at universities. A-STEP funds are provided in two main categories: feasibility studies and full-scale R&D. These together house eight programs each focusing on a particular combination of R&D phase and technological risk. A-STEP features flexibility and seamless transitioning between types of funds.

    • Comprehensive Support Programs for Creation of Regional Innovation

      With JST Innovation Plaza/Satellite developed nationwide being bases, we will provide comprehensive support to the promotion of innovation in each region by conducting seamless research and development from discovery of seeds to practical implementation in connection with basic research and technology transfer operations, etc. of municipalities, ministries, and JST.