JST Connect 2020

Explore cooperation opportunities at the
Japan Science and Technology Agency.

In this first webinar we will introduce some of the newest and most exciting cooperation opportunities at JST, including the groundbreaking Moonshot R&D Program. Presentations include the following:

  1. JST and our international cooperation

    TAKANO Ryotaro – Dept. of International Affairs, JST

  2. New initiatives for development research

    SHIBATA Takako – Dept. of International Affairs, JST

  3. International cooperation in the Moonshot R&D Program

    ABE Masashi – Dept. of Moonshot R&D Program, JST

  4. Moonshot Goal 1: overcoming limitations of body, brain, space and time

    HAGITA Norihiro – Moonshot Program Director; Professor, Osaka University of Arts

  5. Moonshot Goal 3: coevolution of AI and robots

    FUKUDA Toshio – Moonshot Program Director; Professor, Meijo University; IEEE President and CEO

Date10/27 (Tue)



In this webinar we will explore how JST is reaching out to stakeholders and leveraging research results for the benefit of society. We will also hear about 'new normal' science communication activities and international cooperation at science center Miraikan.

Presentations include the following:

  1. Science & society policies, initiatives and contributions to Science for Global well-being

    OKAWA Kumiko – Dept. for Promotion of Science in Society, JST

    Presentation material (PDF: 0.6MB)

  2. Public engagement and international cooperation in the 'new normal'

    SAKURAI Ayuko – Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

    Presentation material (PDF: 1.7MB)

Date12/3 (Thu)



In this webinar we will explore how JST-Mirai is contributing to a sustainable future society, and hear from project leaders about their research into crowd control, circular production systems, and next generation foods. Presentations include the following:

  1. Overview of the JST-Mirai Program

    IMABAYASHI Fumie – Dept. of R&D for Future Creation, JST

    Presentation material (PDF: 0.7MB)

  2. Crowd control adaptive to individual and group attributes

    NISHINARI Katsuhiro – Professor, The University of Tokyo

    Presentation material (PDF: 0.8MB)

  3. Construction of an integrated circular production system by product lifecycle management and innovative dismantling technology development

    TOKORO Chiharu – Professor, Waseda University

    Presentation material (PDF: 3.4MB)

  4. Development of the production technology for next-generation meat using 3D tissue engineering techniques

    TAKEUCHI Shoji – Professor, The University of Tokyo

    Presentation material (PDF: 3.8MB)

Date1/18 (Mon)




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