Seminar/Workshop Series for Researcher Professional Development Vol. 8 (Online Seminar)

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This is the Seminar/Workshop Series for Researcher Professional Development, held regularly by “the Comprehensive Support Project for the Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers.” Participation is free of charge, and please feel free to invite others and join in.


How to Give an Impressive Pitch Presentation to Introduce Your R&D Activities in Global Situations

Date & Time

Friday, August 13, 2021 at 16:00–18:00


If you aim to become a world-class researcher, it is important that you are able to fascinate people, as a crucial part of your global R&D strategy, with your research stories. In such situations as socializing at international conferences and interviewing for research grants or research positions, you often have to give, even spontaneously, a "pitch presentation" to promote your ideas and presence to the right people in a very short time. Considering the importance of pitch presentation skills in your research career, this seminar introduces you to the basic know-how and structure of a successful pitch presentation. It also touches on the key design principles of the "pitch deck" (presentation slides) as a powerful promotional tool.


  • Fundamentals of pitch presentations
  • Key design considerations for your pitch deck (slides)
  • Demonstrations and comments
  • Q&A

Speaker & Trainer

Ron Read

Ron Read is Osaka Branch Manager of Human Global Communications Co., Ltd., previously Kurdyla and Associates Co., Ltd. He graduated in Journalism from the University of Oregon and has worked as a radio news reporter-producer and a newspaper editor. He now rewrites technical papers, corporate communications, and academic books, and he gives presentation training to researchers and executives. He has given seminars at Kyoto University, Osaka University of Arts, Panasonic Corp., and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has collaborated with several technical societies (IEICE, IPSJ, J-SER, KVeCS, etc.). He serves as secretary of the Kinki Macintosh Users Group. He writes a quarterly column on technical writing, "Author's Toolkit," for an IEICE Journal.


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Target Participants

  • Researchers (regardless of research career or research field), graduate students aiming to become researchers, and people from universities, research institutes, or companies who take interest in researcher development.
  • Up to 1,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

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