"Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers" aims to enhance the research productivity of Japan. It supports universities and research institutions that promote the strategic development of excellent researchers. The project includes incorporating the knowledge of advanced cases in other countries into good domestic cases of the development of researchers, creating programs for developing the world’s top-class researchers, and establishing a coordinated system for researcher development (e.g., a system to publish papers in the world’s topclass journals, to obtain overseas research grants, etc.) instead of one for each independent laboratory.

In the "Comprehensive Support Project for the Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers," the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has set up the "Committee on the Development and Promotion of Researcher Development Program." Consisting of intellectuals that include representatives of institutions and academic experts, the purpose of the committee is to efficiently develop more effective programs. The committee consolidates and analyzes the knowledge of institutions, collects and analyzes information regarding advanced cases in other countries, develops a standard model and a common plan for Japan’s researcher development programs, makes consistent efforts to improve programs by giving feedback to institutions, and works together with academic societies, universities, and other groups to discuss schemes for promoting developed programs.

Diagram of the Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers