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The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has set up the "Committee on the Development and Promotion of Researcher Development Program." Consisting of intellectuals that include representatives of institutions and academic experts, the purpose of the committee is to efficiently develop more effective programs. The Committee will work on the following:

  • Examine and evaluate implementing institutions and manage the progress of their programs
  • Consolidate and analyze the knowledge of the institutions and give feedback to them
  • Collect and analyze information regarding advanced cases in other countries
  • Develop a standard model and a common plan for Japan’s researcher development programs based on domestic and global knowledge
  • Work together with academic societies, universities, and other groups to discuss schemes for promoting programs developed by implementing institutions

Program Director (PD)

Hiroto YASUURA (Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University)

The PD adjusts and adminsters the whole Comprehensive Support Project (e.g., screening, evaluation, and progress management regarding the "Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers;" research and analysis regarding the promotion of researcher development), and gives advice and other forms of assistance to the implementing institutions.

Program Officer (PO)

Yoko YAMAGUCHI (Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Dept. of Developing Human Resources for R&D Programs, JST)

The PO assists the PD in controlling the whole Comprehensive Support Project and investigates how to collect and analyze information regarding advanced cases in other countries, develop and promote programs, and give assistance.

Committee on the Development and Promotion of Researcher Development Program

The Committee composed of intellectuals discusses the direction of program development and schemes for promoting achievements, and also gives opinions on the evaluation of implementing institutions’ program progress and on their program management.

Committee Members [FY 2021]
Committee Members [FY 2020]

Working Group on the Program Development (WG)

In order to develop effective researcher development programs, the WG shares good practices from surveys and analysis of implementing institutions and it examines methods of program implementation and promotion together.

Project Office

In addition to assisting in the operation of the Committee and the WG, the Office is in charge of collecting and analyzing information regarding advanced cases, developing programs, and working to promote them.

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