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Program Director (PD) and Research Supervisors

The roles of the SATREPS Program Director (PD) and Research Supervisors (As of April 16, 2021)

Program Director (PD)

The Program Director has overall responsibility for management of the SATREPS program. He or she makes policy decisions on the overall thrust of the program, coordinates the different Research Fields and areas, decides on project selection (including conditional selection) and chairs the program committee that deliberates on important matters concerning research project management. The program committee consists of the Program Director, Research Supervisors, and external experts.

  • TANAKA Akihiko (photo)

    TANAKA Akihiko

    Affiliation :
    President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies(GRIPS)

Research Supervisors

Each of the Research Supervisors has overall responsibility for research in a specific research area. He or she joins external experts on the screening committee, acting as either the leader or a member of the committee. The screening committee is a subcommittee of the program committee that decides on candidates for SATREPS projects (including candidates for conditional selection). After projects have been approved (including conditional selection), the Research Supervisors handles the research management for his or her research area by coordinating the research plans of the individual research projects (including plans concerning research costs and composition of the research team), exchanging ideas and views with principal investigators, giving advice concerning the research, conducting project evaluations, and by other means as necessary. The Research Supervisors also gives advice to the collaborating country’s researchers.

Environment / Energy

  • TAKAMURA Yukari (photo)

    TAKAMURA Yukari

    Affiliation :
    Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo
  • YASUOKA Yoshifumi (photo)

    YASUOKA Yoshifumi

    Affiliation :
    Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
  • YAMAGUCHI Yasushi (photo)

    YAMAGUCHI Yasushi

    Affiliation :
    Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University

Low Carbon Society / Energy

  • KAMIMOTO Masayuki (photo)

    KAMIMOTO Masayuki

    Affiliation :
    Special Advisor, Hirosaki University
  • SHIKAZONO Naoki(photo)


    Affiliation :
    Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
  • TSUTSUMI Atsushi (photo)

    TSUTSUMI Atsushi

    Affiliation :
    Project Professor, Special Division of Environmental and Energy Sciences, Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence, Graduate School of Art and Sciences, The University of Tokyo


  • ASANUMA Shuichi (photo)

    ASANUMA Shuichi

    Affiliation :
    Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University
  • NAGAMINE Tsukasa (photo)

    NAGAMINE Tsukasa

    Affiliation :
    Former Vice-President, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
  • MASUDA Misa(photo)

    MASUDA Misa

    Affiliation :
    Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

  • ASAEDA Takashi (photo)

    ASAEDA Takashi

    Affiliation :
    Professor Emeritus, Saitama University
  • TAKARA Kaoru (photo)

    TAKARA Kaoru

    Affiliation :
    Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Kyoto University
  • TAMURA Keiko (photo)

    TAMURA Keiko

    Affiliation :
    Professor, Risk Management Office, Headquarters for Risk Management, Niigata University

Infectious Diseases Control

※SATREPS projects in the field of Infectious Diseases Control have been transferred to AMED - the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. (The transfer took place on April 1, 2015. Projects that terminated before that date were not transferred.)