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ITO Glycotrilogy
Research Director: Yukishige Ito
Chief Scientist, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute
Research Term 2009-2014
Outline of Research

  A majority of proteins of higher animals and other eukaryotes such as plants and yeasts are decorated by a variety of glycan chains. These glycoprotein glycans have been revealed to play pivotal roles in a numerous biological events, such as intercellular recognition, cell differentiation, cancer development, signal transduction, immune responses and microbial infection. More recently, their functions in protein three-dimensional structural formation process have been clarified and attracted growing attention in glycobilogy.
  The aim of this project is to provide clear understanding of these processes by using chemically synthesized glycan chains and glycoproteins. We expect it will be the model case which shows the advantage of the approach based on organic chemistry in life science. In addition, new trends of researches aiming at solution of various diseases derived from abnormal three-dimensional structure of proteins and glycan structure deficiency, development of synthetic glycoprotein drugs and novel antimicrobial agents will be created.

Research Director
Yukishige Ito
Research Groups
Biofunctional Glycochemistry Group Leader:
 Yoichi Takeda
 Masakazu Hachisu
 Katsuhiko Suzuki
 Atsuko Ohtake
 Akihiko Koizumi
 Hiroki Fujikawa
 Sophon Kaeothip
 Satoko Shirahata
Synthetic Glycoprotein Group Leader:
 Yasuhiro Kajihara
 Yutaka Makimura
 Simone Dedola
 Shoichi Fujita
Research Assistant:
 Tomoko Asada
Chemical Glyco-information Group Leader:
 Osamu Kanie
 Akiko Kanamori
 Shusaku Daikoku
 Masafumi Sakono
 Son Sang-Hyun

Project Office
504,Main Reseacher Bldg.,RIKEN
Research Manager:
 Akira Seko
Administrative Manager:
 Toshio Yamanaka
 Hiroko Suda
Phone: +81 48 485 8891
FAX: +81 48 485 8892

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