YAMAMOTO Atom Hybrid

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Research Director: Kimihisa YAMAMOTO
(Professor, The Institute of Innovative Research Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science/ Hybrid Materials Unit, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Research Term: Oct 2015 - Mar 2020
Grant Number: JPMJER1503


Nanoparticles are employed extensively in the field of engineering as one of the most important nanotechnology materials, and there is fierce global competition in research and development. To date, however, the properties of sub-nanoparticles have not been fully characterized, which means progress in establishing methods of the synthesis has been hindered. Of special note is that there is as yet no universal method of assembling and blending the more than 90 metallic elements contained in the periodic table of elements with a predetermined number of dissimilar metallic atoms.

This project was established to create sub-nano metal particles in which the number of atoms is controllable, and sub-nano-hetero metal particles made from the precise blending of dissimilar elements at the atomic level with the goal of creating new next-generation functional materials.

Specifically, we are synthesizing sub-nanoparticles made through the precise formulation of similar or dissimilar elements with predetermined numbers of atoms utilizing precision polymers (dendrimers) with regular geometrical structures. We call this an “Atom Hybrid”, and aim to create sub-nanoparticles that have innovative next-generation functions. Clarifying the chemical and electromagnetic properties of new sub-nanoparticles and positioning new materials will allow us to explore new chemical science.




Project Headquarters

Hybrid Material Unit, Institute of Innovation Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
4259- S2-6 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-8503 JAPAN

TEL・FAX: +81 (0) 45 924 5808

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