SSC Overview

"We are One ! Sakura Science Club"is a website for mutual exchange among those who participated in the Sakura Science Program (Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science) including peers from your country or friends from other parts of the world, our program organizers and supporters.

Member's Voice

If you are thinking of coming back to Japan, testimonies by SSC members might help you get a rough idea of what to watch out for and how you can develop your career goals.

Updated in November 2020

Sakura Mentor

SSC Members who are in Japan now are taking on the role of mentor to answer your questions about studying or working in Japan. We hope this new system will help motivate members who wish to come back to Japan.

Updated in November 2020


Here you can find latest news and commentary related to science and technology, education, and life in Japan.

Updated in November 2020

Alumni Activities

Results from the SAAI Grand Webinar Survey
Using a scale of 1 to 5, SAAI (Sakura Science Club Alumni Association in Indonesia) has conducted a thorough survey to track down how participants evaluated the Grand Webinar of July 29. The Grand Webinar had attracted 500 viewer across different regions.

Updated in November 2020

FAQ & Contact

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions from our members.


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