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Creation of a novel technology towards diagnosis and treatment based un understanding of molecular pathogenesis of psychiatric and neurological disorders
Research Themes, Principle Investigators

Kaibuchi Team

Researcher's name Kozo Kaibuchi
Professor, Nagoya University
Research Themes Elucidation of molecular pathogenesis of schizophrenia by analyzing susceptibility genes


Schizophrenia is a complex genetic disorder with fairly high heritability. Although it has been reported that schizophrenia has high inheritance, the molecular pathogenesis of schizophrenia remains currently unknown. To understand the molecular pathogenesis, we will identify the proteins interacting with susceptibility gene products, and analyze their patho-physiological functions. Moreover, we will generate knockout and transgenic mice of the susceptibility genes. Our aim is to establish a new approach of prophylaxis and treatment of schizophrenia.