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   This symposium has finished. We appreciate all the invited speakers and participants.


   Date: September 28(Mon) - September 29(Tue)
   Venue: AKIBA HALL, Tokyo, Japan
   Invited Speakers:
      James D. Foley (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      Timo Huttula (Finnish Environment Institute)
      Theodora MauroiUniversity of California)
      Shigefumi Mori (Kyoto University)
      Ryosuke Suzuki (Nomura Research Institute)
      Motomu Tanaka (University of Heidelberg/Kyoto University)
      Tayfun E. Tezduyar (Rice University)
      Toshio Yamagishi (Hitotsubashi University)
   Presentation by CREST Reseratchers:
      Motoko Kotani(Tohoku University)
      Ryo Kobayashi(Hiroshima University)
      Kokichi Sugihara(Meiji University)
   Presentation by PRESTO Researchers:
   Poster Session and Exhibition Booth:
   Banquet(Sept. 28)
   Date: September 30(Wed) - October 1(Thu)
   Venue: STATION CONFERENCE TOKYO Room602, Tokyo, Japan
   Presentation on 9 years PRESTO-CREST Research Activities
      Takashi Sakajo(Kyoto University)
      Hiroshi Suito(Okayama University)
      Masaharu Nagayama(Hokkaido University)
   Poster Session:


   The program is here (Sept. 14)
   Poster Data (1.7MB),   Flyer Data (0.6MB)


   This symposium has already finished.

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