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author(s) Yonezawa, K., Igarashi, M., Ueno, K., Takada, A., Ito, K.
title Resampling nucleotide sequences with closest-neighbor trimming and its comparison to other methods
journal PLoS ONE
author(s) K. Ito, M. Igarashi, Y. Miyazaki, T. Murakami, S. Iida, H. Kida, A. Takada
title Gnarled-trunk evolutionary model of influenza a virus hemagglutinin
journal PLoS ONE
author(s) Y. Uchida, K. Kanehira, M. Mase, N. Takemae, C. Watanabe, T. Usui, Y. Fujimoto, T. Ito, M. Igarashi, K. Ito, A. Takada, Y. Sakoda, M. Okamatsu, Y. Yamamoto, K. Nakamura, H. Kida, Y. Hiromoto, T. Tsuda and T. Saito
title Genetic characterization and susceptibility on poultry and mammal of H7N6 subtype avian influenza virus isolated in Japan in 2009.
journal Veterinary Microbiology
author(s) K. Ito, T. Zeugmann and Y. Zhu
title Clustering the Normalized Compression Distance for Influenza Virus Data
journal Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010, Volume 6060/2010, 130-146 ( 2010)
author(s) M. Igarashi M, K. Ito, R. Yoshida, D. Tomabechi, H. Kida and A. Takada
title Predicting the antigenic structure of the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza virus hemagglutinin
journal PLoS ONE 5(1): e8553 (2010/1/1)

Oral presentations

presenter(s) K. Ito
title Gnarled-trunk evolutionary model of influenza a virus hemagglutinin
meeting IUMS2011-International Union of Microbiological Societies 2011 Congress(2011/9/21)
presenter(s) K. Ito
title Prediction of amino acid substitutions on the hemagglutinin molecules of antigenic variants of influenza A viruses
meeting MSBE2011 - Annual Meeting of Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Kyoto, Japan(2011/7/27)
presenter(s) K. Ito
title Curvature in the Evolution of Influenza Viruses and its Application
meeting ICIAM 2011 - 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vancouver, BC, Canada(2011/7/21)




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