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Dependable Wireless Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Principal Investigator
Ken Takeuchi (Chuo University / Professor)

Research Theme:
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} This project will develop wireless Solid-State Drives (SSD) containing tera-byte capacity NAND flash memories and their host system with 1mm distance 10Gbps ultra high-speed wireless communication and power transmission capabilities. The proposed wireless SSDs are dependable against various error factors such as the data retention and the endurance failure of the flash memory cells, 2) human errors such as the water contact and the unexpected power outage, 3) the contact wear-out failure of the interface and 4) the ESD failure.

Open Documents

2009 Program Review (October 2009) (PDF 1,064kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2009 (December 2009) (PDF 2,407kB)
2010 Program Review1 (June 2010) (PDF 3,686kB)
2010 Program Review2 (October 2010) Associate Prof. Ishikuro Keio Univ. (PDF 395kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2011/3 (March 2011) (PDF 1,210kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2011/12 (December 2011) (PDF 1,469kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2012/6 (June 2012) (PDF 1,150kB) (English document)
DVLSI International Symposium 2012/12 (December 2012) (PDF 870kB) (English document)

Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report (PDF 464kB)
2010 Annual Report (PDF 969kB)
2011 Annual Report (PDF 2,386kB)

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