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Dependable VLSI platform using robust fabrics

Principal Investigator
Hidetoshi Onodera (Kyoto University / Professor)

Research Theme:
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} Extreme scaling imposes enormous challenges on LSI design such as manufacturability degradation, variability increase, performance aging, and soft-error vulnerability.
In order to overcome these difficulties, we investigate a reconfigurable VLSI platform that can realize dependable circuits with required reliability.
The platform consists of variation-tolerant robust fabrics with self-repairing capability of deteriorated circuits.
We will demonstrate that the platform can be applicable to various embedded systems ranging from satellite applications to consumer products with a wide variety of dependability.

Open Documents

Kick-off Meeting (October 2007) (PDF 1259kB)
2008 Program Review (October 2008) (PDF 759kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2008 (December 2008) (PDF 1008kB)
2009 Program Review (April 2009) (PDF 727kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2009 (December 2009) (PDF 140kB)
2010 Program Review1 (June 2010) (PDF 586kB)
2010 Program Review2 (October 2010) Prof. Onoe Osaka Univ. (PDF 693kB)
2010 Program Review2 (October 2010) Senior Researcher Kanbara ASTEM (PDF 183kB)
2010 Program Review2 (October 2010) Associate Prof. Ochi Kyoto Univ. (PDF 303kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2011/3 (March 2011) (PDF 509kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2011/12 (December 2011) (PDF 623kB)
DVLSI Workshop 2012/6 (June 2012) (PDF 708kB) (English document)
DVLSI International Symposium 2012/12 (December 2012) (PDF 6,131kB) (English document)

Annual Reports

2007 Annual Report (PDF 495kB)
2008 Annual Report (PDF 474kB)
2009 Annual Report (PDF 392kB)
2010 Annual Report (PDF 465kB)
2011 Annual Report (PDF 1,084kB)

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