Basic Research Programs CREST Type Creation of Innovative Technologies to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Basic Research Programs CREST Type, Creation of innovative technologies to control carbon dioxide emissions
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Itaru Yasui
Research Supervisor

Itaru Yasui
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, President/
United Nations University, Vice Rector Emeritus

Research Advisers
‘ Yasuo Igarashi
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Professor
‘ Hiroshi Okajima
Toyota Motor Corporation, Project General Manager
‘ Zempachi Ogumi
Kyoto University Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University,Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation
‘ Yukinori Kuwano
Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology Research Association, President
‘ Makoto Konagai
Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Professor
‘ Haruko Takeyama
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Professor
‘ Takashi Tatsumi
Executive Vice President for Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
‘ Yuichi Fujioka
Department of Environmental Science@International College of Arts and Sciences@Fukuoka Womenfs University, Professor
‘ Junichi Fujino
National Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research Sustainable Social Systems Section, Senior Researcher
‘ Yukihiko Matsumura
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Engineering, Professor
‘ Kenji Yamaji
Research Institute of Innovative Tehnology for the Earth, Director-General
‘ Tetsuo Yuhara
General Incorporated Foundation The Canon Institute for Global Studies, Research Director

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