Basic Research Programs CREST Type Creation of Innovative Technologies to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Basic Research Programs CREST Type, Creation of innovative technologies to control carbon dioxide emissions
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[Representative in 2008]
Innovation of s-Block Metal Batteries towards Low-Carbon Societies

Representative / Yoshiharu Uchimoto

Development of Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Materials and Systems

Representative / Kunihito Koumoto

Sustainable production of woody biomass in tropical peatlands

Representative / Katsumi Kojima

Catalyst development for conversion of wood biomass to liquid fuels via gasification

Representative / Keiichi Tomishige

Investigation of highly efficient organic thin film solar cell

Representative / Susumu Yoshikawa

Sophistcated Utilization of Alkaliphilic Strains of Oil-producing Green Alga, Botryococcus

Representative / Makoto M. Watanabe