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Joined with the Sakura Science Plan was really meaningful and play an importance role in my study:
- Raising my knowlegde of science and technologies, especially in the environmental engineering field. It has changed my understanding of the scientific research activities and improving my study skills and research methodology.
- At the seminars, I was met and exchanged experiences with experts, scientists in the field of water treatment and environmental engineering.
- I have chance to access and use modern equipment, new technologies in the field of water treatment and environmental protection.
- I will continue to use the knowledge that I have learned in Japan to my research in Vietnam.


The life in Miyazaki, Japan was very interesting and wonderful, fresh and clean environment. I enjoyed life in the countryside, it is not too crowded and the traffic is very convenient.
Japanese people are very friendly, enthusiastic and always cheerful. I was also impressed with the seriousness and strict discipline in the work of the Japanese.
Japanese food is plentiful. It is very delicious and attractive.
The last but not least, I felt life in Japan has many similarities with the culture and life in Vietnam. I love Japan.


Trying on yours best to live and work for a better future of the world !!!