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Updated on May 8, 2020

We are renewing the website now. This section is not being updated. It is under construction.

Updated in April 2020

Reunion has been updated

New ISAA Alumni Coordinators Came Together
On the day of the 2nd Alumni Meeting in India, February 15, ISAA (India Sakura Science Alumni Association) volunteer coordinators had the opportunity to meet up and discuss ideas about future events.

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From Sea Water to Drinking Water: Resolving World’s Water Shortage
The Future We Can Envision from Cultured Meat
Why are Small-Engine Cars So Popular in Japan?

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Girls Want to Bake, Boys Want to Play Soccer: Japanese First Graders’ Dream Jobs

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Take a Year-End Trip and See How the Japanese Celebrate New Year

Important Notice: Termination of Members-Only SNS

Sakura Science Club's exclusive members-only SNS terminated on March 31, 2020.
The SSC secretariat apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to SSC members, but we hope to keep in touch with all members through our official Facebook page and other means. Please contact the secretariat for further inquiry.

Updated in March 2020

On February 15, ISAA (India Sakura Science Club Alumni Association) hosted the second alumni meeting at IIT Delhi 's lecture hall complex. The program was wholly planned and executed by ISAA. In addition to presentations by selected members, the meeting included a Science Contest poster session by high school students.

Updated in February 2020

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If you are thinking of coming back to Japan, testimonies by SSC members might help you get a rough idea of what to watch out for and how you can develop your career goals.

Updated in January 2020

Reunion has been updated

The first alumni meeting for SSC Indonesia was held at Crowne Plaza Jakarta on December 11, 2019. Right before the event, SSC volunteer coordinators for Indonesia got together to meet up for the first time and talk about future plans.

New Sci-Tech Commentary: New Data Shows Japan's Decline in Research Capabilities

New Data Shows Japan’s Decline in Research Capabilities

On November 19, Clarivate Analytics, the international information service company which runs the world’s largest citation index and platform Web of Science, announced Highly Cited Researchers for 2019. The latest list backs up the impression that Japan’s research ability is declining.

Updated in December 2019

Reunion has been updated

On November 11, the 2nd Japan SSC Alumni Meeting was held at Seihoku Gallery (Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo). On November 10, Japan SSC volunteer coordinators got together at JST for a brain-storming session to improve and develop alumni activities.

Updated in November 2019

Reunion has been updated

On October 10, the first Sakura Science Club (SSC) Alumni Meeting in Malaysia was held at Park Royal Kuala Lumpur’s Orchid Grand Ballroom with a turnout of 95 club members, guests and press. 11 coordinators for SSC Malaysia were selected to steer regional activities.

Updated in November 2017

Story of Satoshi Omura: Written by Rensei Baba

From the square banner on the right, you can read the life story of Dr. Satoshi Omura who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine together with Dr. William Campbell for the discovery of ivermectin, a remedy for river blindness prevalent in the African tropics. Before going into his life as a researcher, the author goes back to his family background, elementary school to university days, his teaching experience and how it lead to his entry into graduate school to start his career as a researcher. We hope his story could be an inspiration to your future.

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