Asian Science and Technology Seminar (ASTS) in Thailand


Date: 10th,11th, March, 2008
Place: Swissotel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Sponsored/Organized by:
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
(under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT))
Cooperation with:
Science Council of Asia (SCA),
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA),
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),
Southeast Asian Center for Water Environment Technology(SACWET)

* Each Speakers have 20min Oral presentation & 5min Q&A time

March 10
(8:00-9:20 SCA meeting, invitation only)
9:30-9:40  Opening remarks
·Mr. TAKAHASHI Fumiaki (Executive Director of JST, Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia)
Abstract: Mr. TAKAHASHI  Presentation: Mr. TAKAHASHI 
·Mr. Prayoon Shiowattana (Vice President, NSTDA)
·Prof. Chongrak Polprasert (AIT, Thailand)
Abstract: Prof. Chongrak  Presentation: Prof. Chongrak 

9:40-10:00  Quick review of past ASTS (environment & energy) activities
·Dr. INOUE Kotaro (JST, Japan)/ Ms. AZUMA Mikiko (JST, Japan)
Abstract: U. Rüdiger  Presentation: Dr. INOUE Kotaro 

10:00-12:05  SESSION 1  Hazardous material risk control
Chair: Prof. NAKAJIMA Jun, Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan
Abstract: SESSION 1  Presentation: SESSION 1 
·S1-1  10:00- 10:25  Microbial transformation of arsenic
(Dr. FUKUSHI Kensuke (Univ. Tokyo, Japan))
Abstract: S1-1  Presentation: S1-1 
·S1-2  10:25- 10:50  Arsenic in Vegetables and its Implications on Human Arsenic Exposure
(Prof. M Ashraf Ali (Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering and Technology))
Abstract: S1-2  Presentation: S1-2 
·S1-3  10:50- 11:15  Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Cambodia
(Dr. Sethy Sour (Royal Univ. of Phnom Penh, Cambodia))
Abstract: S1-3  Presentation: S1-3 
·S1-4  11:15- 11:40  Strategies for Arsenic Pollution Control in China and Innovative Technologies Based on In Situ Coating and Embedded Regeneration Processes
(Dr. Jiuhui Qu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China))
Abstract: S1-4  Presentation: S1-4 
·S1-5  11:40- 12:05  Drinking Water Production System for Arsenic Removal: Case Study in Moo 2, Ronpiboon Sub-district, Ronpiboon District, Nakhon Sri Thamarat
(Dr. Porntip Sridang (AIT, Thailand))
Abstract: S1-5  Presentation: S1-5 

12:05-13:00  LUNCH

13:00-13:50  SESSION 1(Continued)  Hazardous material risk control
·S1-6  13:00- 13:25  Global contamination of Perfluorinated Compounds
- Recognition of their problems, countermeasures and future
(Prof. FUJII Shigeo (Kyoto University, Japan))
Abstract: S1-6  Presentation: S1-6 
·S1-7  13:25- 13:50  The Environmental and Health Concerns Associated with Fluoride in Drinking Water
(Prof. Genandrialine L. Peralta (Univ. of the Philippines, Diliman))
Abstract: S1-7  Presentation: S1-7 

13:50-14:20  DISCUSSION
14:20-14:50  COFFEE BREAK

14:50-16:55  SESSION 2  Bioengineering and molecular techniques for water/ wastewater
Chair: Prof. Chongrak Polprasert, AIT, Thailand
Abstract: SESSION 2  Presentation: SESSION 2 
·S2-1  14:50- 15:15  India-Japan International Collaboration for an Innovative Sewage Treatment Technology with Cost-effective and Minimum-energy Requirement
(Prof. HARADA Hideki (Tohoku Univ., Japan))
Abstract: S2-1  Presentation: S2-1 
·S2-2  15:15- 15:40  Problem of low-cost ammonium removal in drinking and waste waters in Vietnam
(Dr. Cao The Ha (Hanoi Univ. of Science (HUS), Vietnam))
Abstract: S2-2  Presentation: S2-2 
·S2-3  15:40- 16:05  Sustainable Sanitation System based on the concept: "don't collect" and "don't mix" wastewater
(Prof. FUNAMIZU Naoyuki (Hokkaido Univ., Japan))
Abstract: S2-3  Presentation: S2-3 
·S2-4  16:05- 16:30  The Application of Biological Processes in Several Industrial Wastewater in Indonesia
(Prof. Tjandra Setiadi (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia))
Abstract: S2-4  Presentation: S2-4 
·S2-5  16:30- 16:55  HOPE technique for Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses in Environmental Microbiological Studies
(Dr. LIU, WEN-TSO (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore))
Abstract: S2-5  Presentation: S2-5 

16:55-17:30  DISCUSSION

18:00-  Reception
(Prof. Vilas Wuwongse, Vice President of AIT Mr. TAKAHASHI Fumiaki, JST)

March 11
(8:00-9:20 SCA Open session / Keynote speech)
Prof. OHGAKI Shinichiro (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
Abstract: keynote  Presentation: keynote 

9:30-11:10  SESSION 3  Advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment
Chair: Prof. YAMAMOTO Kazuo, Univ. Tokyo, Japan
Abstract: SESSION 3  Presentation: SESSION 3 
·S3-1  9:30- 9:55     100 Years of Biological Wastewater Treatment: A Perspective
(Prof. Chuan-hong XING(Zhengzhou Univ., China))
Abstract: S3-1  Presentation: S3-1 
·S3-2  9:55- 10:20    Development of integrated filtration system for water treatment and wastewater reclamation in developing countries
(Dr. Chart Chiemchaisri (Kassesart Univ., Thailand))
Abstract: S3-2  Presentation: S3-2 
·S3-3  10:20- 10:45  Membrane technology for water and wastewater Treatment in Thailand
(Dr. Chavalit Ratanatamskul (Chulalongkorn Univ., Thailand))
Abstract: S3-3  Presentation: S3-3 
·S3-4  10:45- 11:10  New Advancement of Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Membranes (SWRO)
(Dr. KURIHARA Masaru(Adviser, Toray Industries, Inc., Japan))
Abstract: S3-4  Presentation: S3-4 

11:10-11:40  DISCUSSION
11:40-12:50  LUNCH

12:50-14:05  SESSION 4  Rainwater and groundwater resources management
Chair: Prof. FURUMAI Hiroaki, Univ. Tokyo, Japan
Abstract: SESSION 4  Presentation: SESSION 4 
·S4-1  12:50- 13:15  Climate change impact and adaptation study for coastal aquifers in selected Asian cities
(Dr. Babel, Mukand Singh (AIT, Thailand))
Abstract: S4-1  Presentation: S4-1 
·S4-2  13:15- 13:40  Groundwater Management Issues in Sri Lanka
(Dr. Gemunu Herath (Univ. Peradeniya, Sri Lanka))
Abstract: S4-2  Presentation: S4-2 
·S4-3  13:40- 14:05  Sustainable Water Supply in Dhaka City: Present & Future
(Prof. MD. MAFIZUR RAHMAN (Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering and Technology (BUET))
Abstract: S4-3  Presentation: S4-3 

14:05-14:30  COFFEE BREAK

14:30-15:45  SESSION 4(Continued)  Rainwater and groundwater resources management
·S4-4  14:30- 14:55  Design and operational data for several rainwater harvesting and management systems in Korea
(Prof. Han, Mooyoung (Seoul National Univ., Korea))
Abstract: S4-4  Presentation: S4-4 
·S4-5  14:55- 15:20  Management Process for Realization of River Basin Control towards the Creation of the Urbanized Hydrological System to be Well-Balanced
(Dr. IMBE Masahiro(Association for Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology(ARSIT), Japan))
Abstract: S4-5  Presentation: S4-5 


Prof. OHGAKI Shinichiro(Univ. Tokyo, Japan)