Research Projects

T1 Next Generation Batteries Kohei Uosaki / Fellow, National Institute for Materials Science
1 2016 Accelerating and Promoting Team for Practical Application Kiyoshi Kanamura Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University
2 2013 All-Solid-State Battery Team Masahiro Tatsumisago Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
3 2013 Lithium-Sulfur Battery Team Masayoshi Watanabe Professor, Yokohama National University
4 2013 Next Generation Battery Team Kiyoshi Kanamura Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University
T2 White Biotechnology Yoshiharu Doi / President, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
1 2016 Development of Highly Functional Polymer Using Structural Characteristics of Furan Ring Yuya Tachibana Assistant Professor, Gunma University
2 2016 Extraction and Utilization of Lignin via Sustainable Process Kazuhiro Shikinaka Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
3 2015 Innovative Synthesis of High-Performance Bioplastics from Polysaccharides Tadahisa Iwata Professor, The University of Tokyo
4 2015 Catalytic Production of Di-Carboxylic Acids and Diols from Biomass-Derived Carbohydrates Kiyotaka Nakajima Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
5 2015 Development of Bioprocess Using Marine Microbial Enzymes for Efficient Lignin Degradation and Catalytic Generation of Super-Urushiol from Lignin Monomers Yukari Ohta Deputy Group leader, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
6 2015 Development of Microbial Process for Production of Glycolate-Based Polymers from Sugars Ken'ichiro Matsumoto Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
7 2015 New Development of Natural Rubber by Technological Innovation of Vulcanization Yuko Ikeda Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology
8 2015 Sugar-Independent Bioproduction of Muconic Acid Tomonori Sonoki Associate Professor, Hirosaki University
9 2015 Microbial Conversion into Polymer Ingredient from Biofuel Waste Based Biomass Toshiaki Nakajima-Kambe Professor, University of Tsukuba
10 2015 Nanocellulose Controls Molecular Chirality in Heterogeneous Asymmetric Organocatalysis Takuya Kitaoka Professor, Kyushu University
11 2015 Preparation of Cellulose Nanofiber Composite Plastic Foam with Ultralight and High Insulation Performances Masahiro Ohshima Professor, Kyoto University

ALCA Enabling Technology Projects

E1 High-Quality and Large-Diameter GaN Wafer Kenji Taniguchi / Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
1 2012 Over 8-inch large-Diameter GaN Wafers for Energy-Saving Devices Yusuke Mori Professor, Osaka University
2 2016 High Frequency GaN Power Module System Integration Katsuaki Suganuma Professor, ISIR, Osaka University
E2 Superconducting Electric Power Equipment Using Liquid Hydrogen Cooling Hiroyuki Ohsaki / Professor, The University of Tokyo
1 2010 Development of Liquid Hydrogen Cooled MgB2 Superconducting Power Apparatus Yasuyuki Shirai Professor, Kyoto University
2 2010 Development of High Performance MgB2 Long Conductors Hiroaki Kumakura Senior Scientist with Special Missions, National Institute for Materials Science
3 2010 Development of Low-Cost REBCO Coated Conductors Kaname Matsumoto Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology
E3 New Heat Resistant Materials for Low CO2 Emission Type Next-Generation Thermal Electric Power Generation Kohmei Halada / Honarable Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science
1 2013 Development of Direct and Complete Recycling Method for Superalloy Turbine Aerofoils Hiroshi Harada Research Adviser, National Institute for Materials Science
2 2013 Advanced Design and Casting Process Development of MoSiB-Based Ultra-High Temperature Materials Kyosuke Yoshimi Professor, Tohoku University
3 2011 Integrated Research of Next-Generation Ultra-Heat-Resistant Ferritic Steels through Efficient Use of Nitrogen Hideharu Nakashima Professor, Kyushu University
4 2010 Development of MoSi2-Based Brittle/Brittle Multi-Phase Single-Crystal Alloys Haruyuki Inui Professor, Kyoto University
5 2010 Elemental Technology for Design and Manufacturing of Innovative 1073K Class Super Austenitic Heat-Resistant Steels Masao Takeyama Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
E4 Innovative Light-Weight Materials for the Forward Energy-Saving Society Kohmei Halada / Honarable Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science
1 2012 Innovative Development of Strong and Formable Wrought Magnesium Alloys for Light-Weight Structural Applications Shigeharu Kamado Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
2 2012 Development of the Novel Ceramics Having Self-Healing Function for Turbine Blade Wataru Nakao Professor, Yokohama National University
3 2011 Advanced Heat Shielding Technology through Thermal Radiation Reflection Coating Yutaka Kagawa Professor, Tokyo University of Technology
4 2010 New Continuous Titanium Production Process for Utilization as Light Vehicle and High Corrosion Resistance Materials Tetsuya Uda Professor, Kyoto University
E5 Next-Generation Smart Community Shigehito Deki / Professors Emeritus, Kobe University
1 2012 Development of Metal Hydride/Air Secondary Battery Masatsugu Morimitsu Professor, Doshisha University
2 2011 Development of a Reversible Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell for Efficient Hydrogen Production and Power Generation in the Fuel Cell Mode Hiroyuki Uchida Professor, University of Yamanashi
3 2010 Development and Evaluation of Carbon Alloys with Electrocatalytic Activity for Cathode Reaction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Jun-ichi Ozaki Professor, Gunma University
4 2010 Development of Advanced Hybrid Capacitor (AdHiCap) Wataru Sugimoto Professor, Shinshu University
5 2010 Development of Multi-Purpose Insulation Materials Based on Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Aerogels Kazuki Nakanishi Associate Professor, Kyoto University
E6 Highly Efficient Production Process for Biomass-Based Chemicals and Polymers Yoshiharu Doi / President, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
1 2012 Development of Multifunctional Heterogeneous Catalysts Michikazu Hara Professor, MSL, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2 2012 Development of Isolating and Manufacturing Technology of Single-Cyclic Aromatics from Natural Polycyclic Aromatics Takao Masuda Professor, Hokkaido University
3 2011 Lignocellusic Biorefinery Using Ionic Liquids Kenji Takahashi Professor, Kanazawa University
4 2010 Generation of Super-Engineering Plastics Using Microbial Biomass Tatsuo Kaneko Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
E7 Production of Effective Biomass Materials with Bioresource Technology Akihiko Kondo / Professor, Kobe University
1 2014 Artificial Control of Cytoplasmic Streaming as a Platform System for Plant Biomass Enhancement Motoki Tominaga Associate Professor, Waseda University
2 2014 Methane/Methanol Conversion by an Innovative Bioprocess Using Gas Phase Microbial Reaction Katsutoshi Hori Professor, Nagoya University
3 2011 Generation of Diatom Factory through Physiolomics toward a Novel Energy Source Yasuhiro Kashino Associate Professor, University of Hyogo
4 2011 Genome-Based Research and Development of Thermo-Tolerant Microbes Aiming at Low-Cost Fermentation Kazunobu Matsushita Professor, Yamaguchi University
5 2011 Producing New Wood in Plant with No Wood Nobutaka Mitsuda Senior Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
6 2011 Effective Aquatic Biomass Production Utilizing Mutualistic Microorganisms Masaaki Morikawa Professor, Hokkaido University
7 2010 Promotion of Photosynthesis and Plant Productivity by Controlling Stomatal Aperture Toshinori Kinoshita Professor, ITbM, Nagoya University
8 2010 Advanced Bioethanol Production by Acetic Acid Fermentation from Lignocellulosics Shiro Saka Specially-Appointed Professor, Kyoto University
E8 Development of Advanced Industrial Electricity Equipment for High-Efficiency Energy Equipment Systems Hiroyuki Ohsaki / Professor, The University of Tokyo
1 2013 Removing Iron Oxide Particles from Boiler Feed-Water of Thermal Power Plants Shigehiro Nishijima Professor, Fukui University of Technology
2 2012 System of Superconducting Rotating Machines for Transport Equipments that Supports Low Carbon Society Taketsune Nakamura Program-Specific Professor, Kyoto University
3 2011 Low-Cost High Temperature Superconducting Wire Toshiya Doi Professor, Kyoto University
E9 Waste-Heat Recovery Technology Kenji Taniguchi / Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
1 2013 Thermoacoustic System for Waste Heat Regeneration with 60% Carnot Efficiency Shinya Hasegawa Associate professor, Tokai University
2 2012 Development of Trilateral Steam Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery Naoki Shikazono Professor, IIS, The University of Tokyo
E10 Photon Management and Optical Engineering Kenji Taniguchi / Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
1 2012 Spatially Imaged Iris Plane Ultra Low Power Consumption Display Tohru Kawakami Researcher, Tohoku University
2 2016 Development of High Performance and Environmentally Friendly Perovskite Type Solar Cells Atsushi Wakamiya Professor, ICR, Kyoto University
E11 Development of Highly Efficient Carbon-Circulation Chemical System Takashi Tatsumi / President, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
1 2014 Development of Low Cost and Energy Efficient CO2 Separation Materials and Processes using Amine-Gels Technologies Yu Hoshino Associate Professor, Kyushu University
2 2016 Flammable Gas Recovery Technology for Oil and Gas Production Izumi Ichinose Deputy Director, National Institute for Materials Science

Game-Changing Technology Areas

G1 Solar Cell and Solar Energy Systems Atsuhiro Osuka / Professor, Kyoto University
1 2014 Development of High-Efficiency Polymer-Based Solar Cells Itaru Osaka Professor, Hiroshima University
G2 Superconducting Systems Hiroyuki Ohsaki / Professor, The University of Tokyo
1 2014 Development of REBCO Fully Superconducting Rotary Machines Masataka Iwakuma Professor, Kyushu University
G3 Electric Storage Devices Tetsuya Osaka / Professor Emeritus, Senior Research Professor, Waseda University
1 2014 Development of Graphene-Based Carbon Materials for High-Rate Perfomance and High-Capacity Negative Electrode of Lithium Ion Battery Yoshiaki Matsuo Professor, University of Hyogo
G4 Ultra Heat-Resistant Materials and High Quality Recyclable Steel Kohmei Halada / Honarable Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science
1 2016 Research on Innovative Heat Resistant Super-Alloy Powder for AM Component Applied to Next-Generation Gas Turbine Hot Parts Takeshi Izumi Manager, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.
2 2016 Development of Robust Additive-Manufactured Nickel Superalloy for Impurity Contamination Koji Kakehi Professor,Tokyo Metropolitan University
3 2014 High Temperature Materials Based on Multi-Element BCC Solid Solutions Seiji Miura Professor, Hokkaido University
G5 Biotechnology Akihiko Kondo / Professor, Kobe University
1 2016 Development of a Robust and Biologically Contained Culturing Method of Microalgae Using Phosphite Ryuichi Hirota Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
2 2016 Development of Nitrifying Bacteria Cultivation Methods and Designed Nitrifying Microbial Consortia Useful for Organic Hydroponics Akinori Ando Assistant professor, Kyoto University
3 2016 Development of a New Bio-Lipid Platform for Free Fatty Acids with Backbone Compounds Eiji Sakuradani Professor, Tokushima University
4 2015 The Plant Breeding Revolution through the Development of Artificial Apomixis Induction Technique Masaru Takagi Professor, Saitama University
5 2013 Genetic Engineering of Cyanobacterial Transcriptional Regulators and Circadian Clocks for Succinate Production Takashi Osanai Associate professor, Meiji University
6 2013 Multidimensional Improvement of Plant Biomass Productivity Based on Artificially Induced Heterosis Technology Keiichi Mochida Team Leader, RIKEN
G6 Innovative Energy-Saving and Energy-Producing Chemical Processes Takashi Tatsumi / President, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
1 2015 Energy-Saving CO2 Capture Process with Phase Separation Solvent Hiroshi Machida Assistant professor, Nagoya University
2 2013 Application of Internal Condensation Reactor System for Highly Efficient Methanol Synthesis Process Kohji Omata Professor, Shimane University
3 2013 Depolymerization of Lignocellulose Catalyzed by Activated Carbons Atsushi Fukuoka Professor, ICAT, Hokkaido University
G7 Innovative Energy-Saving and Energy-Producing Systems and Devices Kenji Taniguchi / Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
1 2015 Development of High-Efficiency Vertical Deep-UV LED Becoming the Substitute of Germicidal Mercury Lamps Hideki Hirayama Chief Scientist, RIKEN
2 2014 Development of Magnetic Heat Pump with Layered Active Magnetic Regenerator Tsuyoshi Kawanami Associate Professor, Meiji University
3 2013 Innovative Low-Temperature and High-Speed Growth Process for High-Quality SiC Single Crystal Films Yuji Matsumoto Professor, Tohoku University