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Patent Acquisition Support

Supporting the first step in converting research output to IP

Patent applications
Collaborative R&D

JST's senior patent investigators* support universities, technical colleges, TLOs, and other institutions nationwide aiming to acquire patents based on research output.

  • Human Support to Strengthen IP Management
  • Converting Research Output to IP

* Senior patent investigators possess extensive experience working for private-sector companies in such areas as R&D, and are required to maintain strict confidentiality while engaged in this specialized work.

Human Support to Strengthen IP Management

JST provides patent strategy consultation,invention consultation, and support to strengthen university IP management.


Converting Research Output to IP

JST supports the acquisition of foreign patents by universities for applications for patents with a high likelihood of technology transfer activities or patent utilization in the future. JST provides comprehensive support for PCT applications and transfers to designated countries, including assistance with expenses and expert opinions from JST intellectual property specialists.


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