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Licensing Procedures

  1. If you wish to license a patent handled by JST, please contact the Holding and Licensing Department at the Department of Intellectual Property Management. We will ask you to outline the product you are planning to produce and discuss the steps toward acquiring a technology license.
  2. JST acts as an intermediary between new-technology researchers or patent holders and companies applying to acquire a technology license. JST provides services to coordinate the smooth progress of such applications.
  3. When a license application is finalized, JST signs a license agreement with the licensee company.
  4. Based on this license agreement, the license is executed. JST pays the licensing fees to the inventor and rights holder.

Licensing Activity Details and Case Studies (PDF)

For further information on licensing activities by JST, please view the following presentations.

  • Brief presentation introducing JST's licensing procedures, objectives, general conditions, organization, marketing and track record

    JST Licensing Presentation.pdfpdf

  • In addition to JST-held foreign patent applications, certain patent applications filed by other institutions are also listed.

    JST Licensing Cases.pdfpdf

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