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Accelerating Utilization of University IP

To promote the utilization of patents, JST is working to increase the value of patents

  • Collection and Dissemination of University Patents
    To promote the utilization of university patents by companies, JST collects patents which are widely available for licensing from universities and public institutions, and provides information on patents via the DB system J-STORE (http://jstore.jst.go.jp/). Furthermore, JST manages 'Science and Technology Commons' on J-STORE.
  • Support to Increase the Value of University Patents
    Supporting the IP coordinators' activities at universities or TLOs, JST improves the possibility of university patents utilization, through providing funds not only for inventors or researchers to complement the data for amendments of patent application and so on, as well as to fabricate prototypes, etc., but also for IP coordinators to carry out licensing activities.
  • Technological Analysis of University Patents
    JST analyzes university patents registered in the J-STORE from various perspectives, and provides information on patent maps and portfolios.
  • Partnerships with Investment Institutions
    To widely promote working wiht university patents, JST has established relationship with investment institutions, intellectual property funds and other groups for sharing related information, and so on.

J-STORE (JST Science and Technology Research Result Database for Enterprise Development)

In J-STORE, you can freely retrieve a wide range of information regarding universities, JST, and other institutions’ patents (including unpublished patents) that can be licensed to companies, research output of universities, patent maps and other useful information, as well as 'Science and Technology Commons' patents data.

Science and Technology Commons

To establish a platform in which patents don't work as an obstacle to cooperative research between universities and industry, JST collects patents which can be freely used during the research phase by universities, companies, and other organizations, and provides relevant information on the website of 'Science and Technology Commons'. During the practical phase, license agreements are required for working patents.

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