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29 November-1 December, 2016

2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
JST booth features a variety of novel materials

During the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, JST had our booth at MRS exhibition in Boston from November 29 to December 1. JST booth featured a variety of novel materials which JST experts had strictly selected from over 4000 patents available for licensing.
* JST undertakes licensing activities in order to facilitate commercialization of the innovative research outputs originating from universities and JST funding programs.
Date : November 29-December 1, 2016
Location: Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
JST Booth No. : 206
Event Web Site: http://www.mrs.org/fall2016/

Catalogue at MRS Fall Meeting/Exhibit

SN Category Technology
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2016-01 NEW MATERIAL Inorganic nanoparticles coated with block copolymers containing catechol segments Hiroshi YABU (Tohoku University) WO2015/129846  
2016-02 NEW MATERIAL Materials that emit light by mechanical stress Chao-Nan XU (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) WO2004/007637
2016-03 NEW MATERIAL Mechanochromic Fluorescent Polymers Shohei SAITO
(Nagoya Univ.),
Hiroshi YABU
(Tohoku University)
2016-04 NEW MATERIAL Self-assembly SUPERSTRUCTURES Metal Oxide Tetsuro MAJIMA (Osaka University) WO2013/119117  
2016-05 NEW MATERIAL Ionic Switch by a Phase Transition in Liquid Crystals Takashi KATO (The University of Tokyo) WO2013/089174  
2016-06 MICRO (NANO) FABRICATION High-Efficient proton conductor Nanochannels array based on a ferroelectric proton transfer phase substrate Pihosh YURIY
Yutaka KAZOE
(The University of Tokyo)
2016-07 MICRO (NANO) FABRICATION Development of Microchemical Chips by Glass/glass Low Temperature Bonding Method Kazuma MAWATARI (The University of Tokyo) WO2014/051054  
2016-08 ELECTRONIC DEVICE Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor (FET) using III-V/Si Heterojunctions Katsuhiro TOMIOKA (Hokkaido University) WO2011/040012,
2016-09 SENSOR Ultraflexible Temperature Sensors Takao SOMEYA (The University of Tokyo) WO2015/119205  
2016-10 ELECTRONIC DEVICE Efficient Method to Write Skyrmion Bits in Magnetic Strages Masahito MOCHIZUKI (Aoyama-Gakuin University) WO2016/158230  
2016-11 ELECTRON MICROSCOPE Liquid crystal device for super resolution microscopy and Z polarization imaging Nobuyuki HASHIMOTO (CITIZEN WATCH Co.Ltd)
Tomomi NEMOTO (Hokkaido University)
Shunichi SATO (Tohoku University)
2016-12 SOFTWARE Eye Gaze Tracking by detecting Eye Corneal Reflections Atsushi NAKAZAWA (Kyoto University) WO2014/021169  
2016-13 MICRO (NANO) FABRICATION Production Technology using Micro-channel Takashi NISHISAKO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Toru TORII (The University of Tokyo)
WO2002/068104 WO2005/089921
Technologies at exhibition
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