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JAPANESE-FINNISH JOINT SYMPOSIUM“ICT and Technology in Medical and Health Research”

Time and venue
13 December 08.30-16.25 Hilton Helsinki Strand, Ballroom, 2nd floor
16.30-18.00 Academy of Finland, Entrance hall
14 December 08.30-12.10 Hilton Helsinki Strand, Ballroom, 2nd floor
12.10-13.10 Hilton Helsinki Strand, restaurant Bridges
13.10-15.00 (for speakers and administrators) Hilton Helsinki Strand, Ballroom, 2nd floor
15 December 10.00-12.00 (for Japanese delegation) Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, FIMM
13.00-14.30 (for Japanese delegation) BioMag Laboratory


Tuesday 13 December

08.30 Registration
09.00 Welcoming words
09.00 Dr Riitta Mustonen, Vice President for Research, Academy of Finland
09.05 Mr Mamoru Shinohara, Director for Special Missions, JST
09.10 Dr Minna Hendolin, Director, Tekes
Theme I Advanced Medical Diagnosis and Its Technology
09.15 Keynote speakers
09.15 Professor Juhani Knuuti, University of Turku
Abstruct:Juhani Knuuti  Presentation:Juhani Knuuti
09.45 Professor Emeritus Takahiro Kozuka,President, Kaizuka Hospital
Abstruct:Takahiro Kozuka  Presentation:Takahiro Kozuka
10.15 Symposium photograph
Coffee Break
10.30 Chair
Professor Juhani Knuuti
10.30 Professor Kaori Togashi, Kyoto University
Abstruct:Kaori Togashi  Presentation:Kaori Togashi
10.55 Professor Risto Ilmoniemi, Aalto University
Abstruct:Risto Ilmoniemi  Presentation:Risto Ilmoniemi
11.20 Professor Hidehiro Iida, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Abstruct:Hidehiro Iida  Presentation:Hidehiro Iida
11.45 Dr Harri Siitari, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Abstruct:Harri Siitari  Presentation:Harri Siitari
12.10 Summary of Theme I
Professor Juhani Knuuti
12.20 LUNCH
Theme II Medical Application of ICT
(incl. e-health, ambient assisted living and smart homes)
13.15 Opening of the session
Mr Yoshihide Kobayashi, JST
13.20 Keynote speaker
Professor Ryuji Kohno,Yokohama National University
Abstruct:Ryuji Kohno 
13.50 Chair
Professor Ryuji Kohno
13.50 Professor Jari Iinatti, University of Oulu
Abstruct:Jari Iinatti  Presentation:Jari Iinatti
14.15 Dr Huan-Bang Li, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Abstruct:Huan-Bang Li  Presentation:Huan-Bang Li
14.40 Coffee Break
14.55 Speakers
14.55 Dr Pekka Mustonen, Managing Director, Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd
Abstruct:Pekka Mustonen  Presentation:Pekka Mustonen
15.20 Professor Hiroshi Iseki, Tokyo Women's Medical University
Abstruct:Hiroshi Iseki  Presentation:Hiroshi Iseki
15.45 Mr Olli Nuuttila, CEO, Active Life Village Oy
Abstruct:Olli Nuuttila  Presentation:Olli Nuuttila
16.10 Summary of Theme II
Professor Ryuji Kohno
16.20 Closing words for the first day
Dr Minna Hendolin
16.25 End of symposium

Wednesday 14 December

Theme III Bioinformatics and Its Application in Health Research
09.00 Opening words
Ms Ulla Ellmén, Academy of Finland
09.05 Keynote speaker
Professor Olli Kallioniemi, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland,FIMM
Presentation:Olli Kallioniemi
09.35 Chair
Professor Olli Kallioniemi
09.35 Professor Tatsushi Toda, Kobe University
Abstruct:Tatsushi Toda 
10.00 Professor Anu Wartiovaara, University of Helsinki
Abstruct:Anu Wartiovaara  Presentation:Anu Wartiovaara
10.25 Dr Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, RIKEN
Abstruct:Tatsuhiko Tsunoda 
10.50 Coffee Break
11.05 Speakers
11.05 Research Professor Matej Orešič, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Abstruct:Matej Orešič  Presentation:Matej Orešič
11.30 Associate Professor Masaru Yoshida, Kobe University
Abstruct:Masaru Yoshida  Presentation:Masaru Yoshida
11.55 Summary of Theme III
Professor Olli Kallioniemi
12.05 Closing words for symposium
Dr Samuli Hemming, Academy of Finland
12.10 LUNCH

End of symposium
Joint workshop for speakers and administrators
13.10 Panel discussion on themes and issues related to Finnish-Japanese research collaboration and potential joint calls in near future.

Professor Olli Kallioniemi
Professor Ryuji Kohno
Professor Hidehiro Iida

Dr Ritva Dammert, Director, Aalto University
14.25 Coffee Break
14.40 Discussion
14.45 Summary
Dr Ritva Dammert
14.55 Closing words
Mr Raimo Pakkanen,Tekes
15.00 End of workshop

Organised by

Academy of Finland
Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

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