Selected Organizations and Others

Organizations Selected for FY 2011

Name of Organization Supporting Office Activity Report (Japanese) Evaluation Results (Japanese) Additional information
Tokyo Gakugei University Office of Promoting Gender Equality at Tokyo Gakugei University Activity Report(PDF)
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Gender Equality Promotion Division Activity Report(PDF)
Shinshu University SuFRe (Support for Female Researchers in Shinshu University Activity Report(PDF)
Kagoshima University Center for Promotion of Gender Equality Activity Report(PDF)
Fukushima Medical University Support Center for Gender Equality Activity Report(PDF)
Tokyo Metropolitan University Diversity Promotion Office Activity Report(PDF)
Nagoya University Office for Gender Equality, Nagoya University Activity Report(PDF)
Nara Medical University Support Center for Female Researchers Nara Medical University Activity Report(PDF)
Juntendo University Gender Equality Promotion Division (Support Center for Women Researchers) Activity Report(PDF)
Fukuoka University Office for Female Researchers, Fukuoka University Activity Report(PDF)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan Science and Technology Agency