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International Workshop on Photonics Polymer for Innovation (IWPP2018)

October 2018
Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

The International Workshop on Photonics Polymer for Innovation (IWPPI2018) was held for three days from October 15th-17th, 2018 in Kamisuwa, Nagano. A total of 217 participants, including 45 people from 15 overseas countries, and researchers of “Advanced information communication technology by photonics polymers” under the program: Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development(S-Innovation) gathered and actively engaged in discussions. As the final year of the project, JST supported this international workshop based on its mission of introducing the output of research as well as promoting exchange with many domestic and overseas researchers.

Following opening remarks by Dr. Yoshimasa Goto, Executive Director of JST, and Dr. Seizo Miyata, Program Officer of S-Innovation, technical sessions were held to present the latest research findings on topics of various photonics polymers such as high-resolution displays, optical data storages, ultrahigh-speed optical communication, and other related areas. There were 75 sessions in total, including a panel discussion for the special session, 2 plenary sessions, 5 presentations on research output from the S-Innovation program, 24 other invited sessions, and 43 poster sessions. Through these sessions, the trends in the industry and the latest research related to photonics polymers were vigorously discussed and the remarkable output of S-Innovation projects was also introduced to the participants in academia and industry from various countries.

Along with technical sessions, the cutting-edge technologies and products were exhibited by S-Innovation related organizations and companies to promote the output and activities of S-Innovation projects to researchers of photonics polymers in various countries. This international workshop contributed to establishment of an international network of researchers; we expect further advancement of research and technologies created through S-Innovation projects for the past nine years.

In addition, in the next day of the workshop, October 18, there were special lectures at the Suwa City Culture Center, held as a joint event with the Suwa Area Industrial Messe, an annual event held in Suwa City.

S-Innovation URL: http://www.jst.go.jp/tt/EN/platform/s-innova.html

IWPPI2018 URL: https://iwppi.org/program/technical/

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