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“The lecture of complete understanding of the Nobel Prize with Kizuna AI©, a virtual YouTube star”* delivered at Miraikan by JST—NHK NEWS WEB

October 2, 2018

The announcement of the Nobel Prize 2018 has started from October 1st. With increasing expectation toward Japanese winners, NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, opened the special website for the Nobel Prize providing details.

“Complete understanding for Nobel Prize 2018”*(NHK NEWS WEB)

In 2018, Ms. Kizuna AI©, a virtual YouTube star became a student, and teachers are:

【Physiology or Medicine】

Masahiro Tsuji
Fellow, Life Science and Clinical Research Unit, Department of Planning and Management


Yoshihiro Shimada
Fellow, Systems and Information Science and Technology Unit, Department of Planning and Management


Masashi Furukawa
Manager, Green Innovation Group, Department of Research Project

This website also introduces the Nobel Prize Winner's Predictions which has become Miraikan's one of the annual events. The panel exhibition is held from September 19 to October 15 at the Miraikan. (Odaiba, Tokyo)

*The names of titles are tentatively translated.

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