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Let's think from the standpoint of another living thing!


MOVE! into the wildlife―Becoming another living thing

Small Garden

Miraikan has been holding the special exhibition, “MOVE! into the wildlife” since November 29, 2017. This exhibition is based on the contents and worldview of the moveable illustrated encyclopedia "MOVE," which defies the conventional wisdom of illustrated encyclopedias by linking with images of DVDs. The visitors learn about biodiversity as well as the resourcefulness and techniques the living things possess to adapt to their environments and survive. The exhibition floor is divided into four theme zones: sea, savanna, tropical rainforest, and a small world where pill bugs live. Each zone showcases the ecosystems of living things from various habits, through posters and interactive exhibitions.

A popular site among children is the “Small Garden,” where children wear pill bug suits and dodge attacks from a staff who is acting as an enemy ant, by rolling forward like a pill bug. After experiencing being a roly-poly, they said, “I felt like I was a real roly-poly because the suit is well-imitated,” “I want to be another creature as well,” and so on. Adults accompanying the children also commented: “My kid could understand themes naturally because the exhibition is made to be experienced like a game”; “Because the ecosystem of familiar pill bugs is described in detail on panels and some of the information was new to me, it evoked my interest in creatures again”; and so on.

Not only by reading comments and watching exhibitions, but also by being another living thing and observing their world from their standpoints, you will get to know instinctively why other creatures have selected such unique ways of living. These experiences will deepen your understanding of sustainable biodiversity through drawing out your interest in living things and respect for the natural world.

The special exhibition is held until April 8, 2018.

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