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March 2017

JST Ranked 4th on the World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions - Government

Reuters announced the top 25 innovators for publicly funded institutions contributing to economic growth and cultivating human resources by proactively promoting advanced science and technology. JST ranked 4th in the world and in the top among domestic institutions following last year. The ranking was compiled by Clarivate Analytics, formerly the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, based on proprietary data and analysis including patent filings and research papers.

The top 25 institutions were selected through an analysis of 10 criteria relating to patents and academic papers. The criteria included active publications of scientific journals, cooperation with industry and public sectors, and protection of research outcomes with intellectual property rights.
Other Japanese institutions on the list included the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology: AIST (No. 5), National Institute of Materials Science: NIMS (No. 12), and RIKEN (No. 13).

Viewed on a country basis, Japan is tied with France. Each have four institutions on the list, following the United States and Germany with five each.

Clarivate Analytics expects JST’s new operations that envision future outputs and support industries, such as “Future Society Creating Operations” launched this year, to boost the number of paper citations and patent citations.

President Hamaguchi said, “I am very glad that JST entered the top 25 innovators two years in a row. At the same time, Japan should support younger researchers by giving them more opportunities, otherwise Japan will not survive in this field”. Although he was concerned about the current situation of science and technology in Japan, he ambitiously said, “Thanks for evaluating our achievements, I will take leadership and overcome this situation.”

Right: Ms. Keiko Tanahashi from Clarivate Analytics
Left: President Hamaguchi

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