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May 11, 2016
New-Delhi, INDIA

Indian High School Students of SAKURA Exchange Program in Science Meet MEXT Minister in New Delhi

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Mr. Hiroshi HASE, Japanís Minster of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology, who was visiting India for the first time, received a courtesy call from eight Indian high school students, at the Embassy of Japan in New Delhi on the afternoon, Friday May 6th 2016,.

The eight students were selected from 105 outstanding Indian high school students, who participated in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science or SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, a short-term invitational program for one week in April 2016.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (President: Dr. Michiharu Hamaguchi) has promoted the exchange program with the aim of raising the interest of Asian youth in science and technology thus contributing towards the promotion of science, technology and innovation within Asian countries by inviting outstanding Asian youth to Japan and having them exposed to Japanís advanced science and technology.

Launched in JFY 2014, the program offers two types, one, calls for proposal (or open application type), the other, Sakura Science High School Program. India has been designated as an eligible country since JFY2015 with about 320 Indian youth (of the total of 4,200 invitees) having visited Japan under the program scheme the first year.

The afternoon meeting between Mr. Hase and the Indian students was extended beyond the schedule and ended with a photo session in an amical manner.

Mr. Hase receiving a bouquet of flowers from one of the attended Indian students

Group photo after the meeting

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