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April 1, 2016

“JST Breakthrough Report 2016” Just Released

Every year, JST has been accomplishing a large number of achievements through its research funding programs. Of the achievements, we have chosen those which have a notably high impact on society, and have put them together in a brochure titled “JST Breakthrough Report” for the stakeholders as well as the public.

To the fiscal 2016 issue of brochure, we have newly added 15 breakthroughs, which include the following: the technology for bringing about realization of air purification using tree essential oils in the Development of Creative Technology Seeds, Commercial Development by Innovative Venture Companies program; the achievement in making a whole mouse transparent with the goal of elucidating and curing mental diseases in the CREST program; the commercialization of an analytical system, which is expected to be used for pesticide residue analysis and disease diagnosis, in the Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems program; the success in developing the algorithm techniques that allow for extreme reduction in the number of operations in computing through the ERATO program; and the outcomes that will contribute to reconstructing East Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake through science achieved by the Center for Revitalization Promotion, the RISTEX, and the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy.

“A whole mouse made transparent”
CREST Hiroki Ueda

“Application for pesticide residue”
Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems Takeshi Bamba

“Development of super high-speed algorithms”
ERATO Shinichi Minato

“Aiming to reconstruct
from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster”
Center for Revitalization Promotion

“Rape flower project”
RISTEX Yutaka Nakai

“Robot Technology for Improving Human-Robot Interaction”
CREST/ERATO Hiroshi Ishiguro

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