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March 9, 2015
Venue: Paris, France

Japan-France Symposium on Molecular Technology

Strategic Basic Research Programs (CREST/PRESTO)
Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP)
JST Paris Office

JST and ANR (The French National Research Agency) organized the symposium: Japan-France Symposium on Molecular Technology in Paris on March 9, 2015, in order to build networking among researchers in Japan and France and share excellent research outcomes of “Molecular technology.”

Opened by Prof. Michael MATLOSZ, President and CEO of ANR, Mr. Ichiro OGASAWARA, Minister for the Embassy of Japan in France, and Dr. Shoichiro TONOMURA, Executive Director of JST, we have confirmed the importance of “Molecular technology” research and international collaborations as our common understanding.

At the plenary session, from France, Prof. Jean RONCALI (CNRS Research Director at MOLTECH Anjou, University of Angers) gave a lecture on the latest outcomes of his research on development of devices through electronic state control of molecular, for example organic semiconductor and solar cell. From Japan, Prof. Hisashi YAMAMOTO, Research Supervisor of JST-CREST “Molecular technology as a new science discipline” (Professor, Chubu University/Emeritus professor, University of Chicago/PO of SICORP), advocated the concept of “Molecular technology” once again and introduced the best practices of CREST. Prof. Takashi KATO, Research Supervisor of JST-PRESTO “Molecular technology and creation of new functions” (Professor, The University of Tokyo/vice PO of SICORP), shared the best practices of PRESTO and introduced cutting edge Molecular technology research conducted in Kato Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. These lectures attracted increased attention from researchers in France.

As CREST research directors, Prof. Hiroaki SUGA (Univ. of Tokyo) and Osamu ISHITANI (Tokyo Tech) gave lectures. Dr. Kazuo TAKIMIYA (RIKEN), advisor of PRESTO and 4 PRESTO researchers, Dr. Toshihiro OKAMOTO (Univ. of Tokyo), Dr. Hiroyuki ISHII (Univ. of Tsukuba), Dr. Makoto OUCHI (Kyoto Univ.), Takahiro MURAOKA (Tohoku Univ.) made presentations. Researchers in France took an active part in the Q & A session. 4 PRESTO researchers also joined the poster session with researchers in France. It is great pleasure to report that we ended the symposium on a high note.

JST aims at accelerating and expanding “Molecular Technology” research and leading the world through effectively and promoting CREST, PRESTO and SICORP.

Prof. Yamamoto

Prof. Kato

Japan-France Symposium on Molecular Technology

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