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Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil

President Nakamura's Visit to Brazil and the Conclusion of Agreement with FAPESP

Strategic International Cooperative Program (SICP) http://www.jst.go.jp/inter/sicp/country/brazil.html

JST President Michiharu Nakamura visited Brazil as a member of Japanese delegation. Brazil was the very last country to be visited by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his tour in Latin America.

On August 1, after Nakamura attended a meeting with Brazilian business leaders organized by Keidanren, he exchanged views with Science and Technology Minister Campolina, Education Minister Paim, CNPq President Oliva and CAPES President Guimaraes. In the discussion with CNPq President Oliva, Nakamura promised JST will continue to promote the existing Strategic International Cooperative Program (SICP) in the field of biomass and biotechnology.

On August 2, Nakamura attended the "Japan-Brazil Business Forum" in Sao Paulo and signed a new comprehensive agreement with Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in the presence of Prime Minister Abe and Sao Paulo Governor Alckmin. This agreement is expected to lead to further promotion of bilateral scientific cooperation and is mentioned in the joint statement released by the two heads of the states. FAPESP is the largest funding agency in Brazil that the state of Sao Paulo takes pride in. It gives supports to natural sciences and human sciences. With the conclusion of this agreement, JST will start a broad range of cooperation in science and technology in partnership with the state of Sao Paulo.

JST is determined to expand bilateral cooperation in science and technology with Brazil, which has the largest Japanese community and shares close historical ties with Japan. In order to realize mutual development in the two countries, JST will contribute to reinforce bilateral relationship in science, technology and innovation.

【Joint Statement of the Official Working Visit of Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe to Brazil and on the Establishment of the Strategic and Global Partnership between Japan and Brazil】

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