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September 24, 2013
Venue : Singapore

Technologies originating from Japan to put on the Asia-Pacific market

Last September in Singapore, JST participated in the event “TECHINNOVATION 2013,” and the Singapore Representative Office and the Center for Intellectual Property Strategies gave collaborative presentations. A series of this event brings together international stakeholders from the industrial, academic and governmental sectors dedicated to exploring the possibilities for business collaboration by linking international technology providers with industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Taking this opportunity to participate in the event, JST exchanged diplomatic memorandums with the event organizer IP Intermediary (IPI) on industry-academia collaboration. IPI, a governmental agency in Singapore that functions as the hub of the Asia-Pacific countries, aspires for the creation of innovation by utilizing intellectual properties. This exchange of memorandums with IPI allowed JST to gain a significant toehold on the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific market in order to extend the use of intellectual properties originating from universities.

In the event, JST introduced transferable technologies that are held by JST and universities. Particularly, both Singapore and many other countries enthusiastically asked questions and engaged in business negotiations on the following techniques: a technique for cultivating oysters using materials to inhibit the growth of water bloom, developed by Gunma National College of Technology and ISHII Corp., which is in the middle of substantiative experiments in Sanriku Yamada, Iwate Pref.; another inquiry was regarding producing cosmetic items using the technology of percutaneous penetration, developed by St. Marianna University School of Medicine and NANOEGG® Research Laboratories, Inc. We are hopeful about the commercialization of these techniques on the Asia-Pacific region.

At the exchanging of the memorandums signing ceremony. On the left is Shimada Masashi, Vice President at Center for Intellectual Property Strategies of JST. On the right is Professor Lam Khin Yong, Executive Director of IPI.

One of the many presentations.

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