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October 21-23, 2013, Tokyo

JST-NSERC Workshop on Sustainable Water Use

Strategic International Research Cooperative Program

The Workshop on Sustainable Water Use was held as part of the research collaboration between JST and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) on October 21-23, 2013 in Tokyo.

The Workshop was organized focusing on the topics of 'Community Water Technology' and 'Aquatic Ecosystems', gathering together 9 Japanese researchers, including corporate researchers, and 9 Canadian researchers. Each researcher introduced an overall picture of the current status of their research before sharing ideas for possible cooperative research projects between Japan and Canada. The Workshop turned out to be a fruitful opportunity for both Japanese and Canadian participants not only to exchange ideas but also to further develop the friendly relationship between Japan and Canada.

On October 23, Day 3 of the Workshop, the Canadian researchers visited the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel in Saitama Prefecture. Although the researchers were not permitted to enter the pressure-adjusting water tank due to the heavy inflow of water into the tank itself after the season's 26th typhoon, they did enjoy a guided tour of the facilities, including the exhibition area and the pump room. Through the visit, the NSERC official and Canadian researchers had a chance to learn about the unique flood control system of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

It can be expected that opportunities for collaboration between Japan and Canada in the field of sustainable water use will be expanded through this workshop.

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