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September 05-06, 2013, Tokyo

MRC-JST- British Embassy Tokyo Joint Workshop on " The Use of Next Generation Optical Microscopy for Neuroscience Disease Challenges "

Strategic International Research Cooperative Program

JST's Department of International Affairs jointly held a workshop with the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and the British Embassy Tokyo in the field of "The Use of Next Generation Optical Microscopy for Neuroscience Disease Challenges " at the British Embassy in Tokyo. From the perspectives of super-resolution imaging techniques , Japanese and British researchers introduced their research and discussed new ideas and innovative technologies for understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases of the nervous system, and potential synergy from collaborative research between Japan and the UK, as well as ideas to enhance sustainable research exchange and networking between the two countries.

Approximately 35 participants took part in the workshop, exchanging various views on their activities and furthering their knowledge of the status of neuroscience and diseases of the nervous system. Moreover researchers discussed pressing issues facing both countries and applications for these studies.

Through this Workshop, the JST, the MRC and the British Embassy Tokyo expect that Science and Technology Exchange between Japan and the UK will be further deepened.

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