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October 24 to 26, 2012
Venue: Kobe Convention Center,

“International Symposium on Biotechnology for Green Growth”

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PRESTO http://www.jst.go.jp/kisoken/presto/en/index.html

Speech by Matsunaga the summarizer
Speech by Matsunaga the summarizer A speech scene
A speech scene

JST CREST (Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology) and PRESTO (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology) Research Area “Creation of Basic Technology for Improved Bioenergy Production through Functional Analysis and Regulation of Algae and Other Aquatic Microorganisms” (Research Supervisor, Tadashi Matsunaga, President of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) held the international symposium jointly with The Society of Biotechnology Japan (SBJ; President, Satoshi Harashima) at the 90th anniversary meeting of SBJ at Kobe Convention Center for three days, October 24-26, 2012.

This symposium was held to distribute research progress in the field of biotechnology by introducing on-going research outcomes of CREST & PRESTO and to promote further progress in research through discussions with world’s leading researchers and building a global research network, and to accelerate research for “the development of basic technology” and “actual applications of the technology to the society.”

The international symposium consisted of a total of eight sessions: four jointly by SBJ and JST, two by the Implementation Committee of the anniversary, and two selected from solicited applications of proposal by members of SBJ. A total of 26 invited speakers from overseas, including 16 researchers invited by JST, participated in the symposium, and a whole session was held open to the public.

On the first day, 18 world’s leading researchers spoke in two sessions, “Progress in Plant Genome Science” and “Material Production Using Biological Functions.” Active discussions took place between the speakers and participants. JST’s Research Area had requested presentations by six researchers (three from Germany and one each from Canada, the U.S.A., and Taiwan) involved in related technological areas, such as functional improvement of terrestrial plants and biofuel production by fermentation.

On the second and third day, joint sessions by SBJ and JST have focused on the main purpose of this Research Area, which is bioenergy production using algae and aquatic microorganisms. Speakers were 10 world’s leading researchers, five researchers representing CREST, and three researchers representing PRESTO. They spoke in the four sessions: “Keynote Address,” “Biorefinery,” “Biofuel Production by Fine Algae,” and “System & Synthetic Bioengineering.”

The sessions turned into a place for active exchanges of opinions by participants, including those on the floor, on the up to date R & D trends of this research area in the world. Many students including foreign students studying in Japan took part in the exchanges of opinions. The speakers and audience were seen exchanging opinions while chatting outside the lecture hall; the symposium seemed to be a stimulating event for young people who will lead the field of bioenergy of the coming generation.

The number of participants registered at the eight sessions of the international symposium for three days was more than 570, with the number of total visitors reaching more than 1300. The symposium attracted a large audience from the general public who were not members of SBJ. Through the joint event with the 90th anniversary of SBJ, which is a core academic association of biotechnology in Japan, research achievements were provided to a wide range of researches covering all areas of biotechnology. The provision of research achievements is expected to create new sprouts of bio-innovation.

Finally, we deeply thank SBJ, for understanding and supporting the purpose of JST’s Research Area. We would also like to thank all the people of the Implementation Committee for the 90 the anniversary and the secretariat for their dedication to the management of the anniversary.

A question and answer scene
A question and answer scene

A question and answer scene
A question and answer scene

JST session poster
JST session poster

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