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Launching of “Revitalization Promotion Program (Matching Promotion)” with the Aim of Promoting Recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Based on collaboration with trade associations (e.g. Tohoku Economic Federation) and local governments in the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster-stricken area, JST has launched the “Revitalization Promotion Program” with the aim of contributing to the promotion of economic recovery through finding practical applications for the seeds of technology of universities throughout the country, at corporations in the disaster-stricken area.

In the “Revitalization Promotion Program (Matching Promotion),” which is part of this program, matchmakers of JST provide support in matching the needs of corporations in the disaster-stricken area with the seeds of technology held at universities throughout the country, to promote industry-academia joint research.

There are three categories in the “Revitalization Promotion Program (Matching Promotion)” to suit the amount of research funds available: “Feasibility test,” “Type I” and “Type II.” As of the end of August 2012, 25 “Feasibility tests,” 20 “Type I” and 36 “Type II” matches have so far been made. The JST Center for Revitalization Promotion will continue accepting applications for alliances.


This article is translated from "JSTnews".

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