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February 17 - 18, 2012, Venue:Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd
March 2 - 3, 2012, Venue: NTT

“Industry-academia Collaboration Platform”
Industry-academia Collaborative R&D Program “Terahertz”

The section meeting “Industry-academia Collaboration Platform” under the Industry-academia Collaborative R&D Program was held on February 17 - 18, and March 2 - 3, 2012.

The “Industry-academia Collaboration Platform” is a forum for the industrial and academic sectors to gather to exchange opinions on how to provide solutions to technical themes (*), and reflect the industrial demands and needs on research themes. Organizing such a forum whereby the academic and industrial sectors can work together to provide solutions to technical themes is one of the major features of the program.

This forum consisted of two section meetings under the technical theme of this program “Terahertz”(**) – one for terahertz wave generators, detectors and standards of measurement, and another for spectroscopic analysis, imaging and application. Researchers updated the participants on their research progress while the participants from the industrial sector presented various opinions and demands. Both sides discussed the direction and way forward for research which could contribute to the commercialization of the research results. Altogether 42 people participated, including 11 from the industries, which proposed the technical themes, and 17 researchers from the academic sector. Participants contributed to lively discussions under the facilitation of the program officer of the technical theme, Dr. Ito.

In the future, the Industry-academia Collaborative R&D Program will continue to organize this new initiative “Industry-academia Collaboration Platform” in different ways to ensure that it becomes a meaningful and valuable forum for collaboration.

(*) Technical theme: technical theme common to the industrial and academic sectors, and whose resolution requires the basic research of university and public research institutions, etc.

(**) Terahertz: Abbreviation of “Pioneering a new generation of terahertz waves – creating innovative basic technology”

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