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JST Event Report

May 12th-16th, 2009, Kanagawa(Japan)

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

International Workshop on the Search for New Superconductors
—Frontier and Future—

The news regarding the discovery of a new high-temperature superconductor LaFeAsO1-xFx by Professor Hideo Hosono’s group at Tokyo Institute of Technology in February 2008 caught the attention of many related researchers around the world since its release. Considering the importance of this discovery from Japan, JST has urgently and specially established a research area on "Fundamental technology of high-temperature superconductors by new materials" (TRIP: Transformative Research-Project on Iron Pnictides), and full-fledged studies based on 24 issues have been in progress since October of the same year.

And now, in May 2009, after more than a year since this discovery, researchers around the world who are conducting related researches at the leading edge gathered together and held this international workshop. This event was held by sponsorship of funding institutions in Japan (JST) and the U.S. (such as National Science Foundation: NSF, United States Department of Energy: DOE), and about 30 overseas participants out of 80 were supported by the U.S. side.

The following subjects were discussed at the workshop: (1) Acknowledgement/organization of latest research status; (2) Strategy for future material search and expansion of application; etc. For instance, in (1) above, the discovery of new crystal structure in iron-based superconductors was reported and further expansion of research is expected in future.

Also at the workshop, the participation of young researchers who will engage in future materials science research was noticeable. We hope that this will serve as an opportunity to advance international exchanges between our country and the entire world.

International Workshop 1 Magnificent view of Mt. Fuji beyond the Sagami Bay International Workshop 3

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