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JST Event Report

March 10th, 2009, Chicago(U.S.A.)

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation

An overseas seeds seminar, "JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation," was held on Tuesday, March 10th at Pittcon 2009

The aim of the seminar was to further strengthen technical transfers of our patents overseas. The seminar was held in a seminar room at PITTCON (Pittsburgh Conference), which boasts the world’s largest analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy Conference and Exposition. The seminar involved a total of 11 themed presentations, including 8 seeds seminars, 2 technical transfer cases, and 1 commissioned business, all with their own respective themes.

Aided by prior visits/promotional activities to the booths of exhibiting companies where the presented techniques and posters were displayed summarizing the techniques described in the presentations, and during which there were inquiries such as an from an American business that was interested and wished to know the licensing conditions, the seminar led to the growing expectation of further expansion taking place.

JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation_1 JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation_2 JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation_3 JST Technology for Your NEXT Innovation_4

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