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JST Event Report

October 4th-8th, 2008, in Tokyo

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

The 4th International Isotopomer Symposium

Professor Naohiro Yoshida of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, who is involved in both basic and applied isotopomer research, held "The 4th International Isotopomer Symposium" in which other famous world-leading researchers in the field participated over the five days of October 4 to 8 as the chairman of the executive committee. (Co-host: The Tokyo Institute of Technology and European Commission)

After the opening session was jointly held by Professor Yoshida and Professor Marcus (Winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry) many other presentations and cooperation were experienced: 47 researchers made lectures while 57 other participants made poster presentations, all of whom are front line researchers in their field. The presentations involved various applications from basic, such as on a method of measuring isotopomers, the theoretical chemistry of the fractionation factor of isotopes, determining them through simulations, etc, right through to earth and planetary science, the global environment, food analysis that can differentiate the real from false, medical diagnoses, etc. World famous researchers in the various fields related to isotopomer research were able to get together at the symposium and exchange information in the many places available to do so at the venue, even during breaks. The venue had a constant air of excitement and the five days ended on a very high note indeed.

For more details on the program of the symposium and the latest information on the subject please visit the following website.

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