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JST Event Report

July 5, 2008, in Tokyo

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

Miraikan Forum 2008
- Discussion on Preventing Global Warming with Cutting-edge Science Technology -

Co-host: Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE)

Miraikan Forum 2008

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(Miraikan) holds a memorial forum on the anniversary of its foundation every July. This year about 120 people including environmental issue experts, Diet members, and the general public actively discussed the Toyako Summit hot topic of global warming.

The program was as follows.

In the First Half Mr. Toru Nozawa explained some atmospheric concentration and temperature rise research simulated in greenhouse gas emission scenarios with Geo-Cosmos, the Miraikan symbol. Mr. Ryoichi Yamamoto then showed how global warming could influence the climate and mankind, a countermeasure scenario, and the limitations of that scenario. Ms. Junko Edahiro explained a method for use in understanding the risk posed by global warming and the importance of scientific communication.

In the Second Half Mr. Junichi Fujino gave a scientific overall view of a global warming scenario: Determining a concrete goal for how many degrees at which global warming will need to be suppressed can also be used to determine allowable annual amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. From this the discussion spread throughout the all the participants to the ultimate goal of what "individuals" could do to combat global warming.

Miraikan will continue to play an active role in being a scientific communication bridge for the general public and experts with the aim of further mutual understanding.

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