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The 5th Steering Committee Meeting on MEXT "FUTURE-PV Innovation" Project [October 18, 2014]

On October 18, 2014, the 5th Steering Committee Meeting on "FUTURE-PV Innovation" Project was held in FREA hall on the first floor of the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST.

It was the first meeting held after the moving of the project base to Koriyama city. In addition to the advisory committee and project members, members of FREA (the Director-General and Photovoltaic Power Team), Fukushima prefecture (the Director of the Fukushima Technology Centre), and Koriyama city (the Section Head of the Business Creation Division) participated in this meeting. There were 68 participants in total.

After the opening speeches made by MEXT and JST, Makoto Konagai, Research Director of the project, presented the results of the interim appraisal made by MEXT in August along with the overall condition of the project. Prof. Konagai indicated his intention to examine the direction of the project in light of the evaluation results as well as to hear advisory committee’s opinions on the research groups.

Each of the research groups then made a presentation on their research developments. The participants had a fruitful discussion. Comments and questions on the presentations and research data were made by Prof. Konagai, the advisory committee, and the research members.

Prof. Konagai and the research groups giving a presentation.