Research Supervisor’s Policy on Call for Application, Selection, and Management of the Research Area(2013)(The Offer was finished)

In this research area, the following two criteria (either one or both) on the part of candidate research proposals have been selected for emphasis: 1) an interest in trying to address scientific questions through the design and control of biological systems; and 2) the importance of basic techniques (and frameworks) for attempting to implement and promote the design and control of biological systems. We welcome original individual research proposals satisfying either criterion, as well as proposals from not only researchers in life science, but also those in physics, chemistry, engineering, information science, and social science. In the case that multiple fields of expertise are needed to realize the research objectives, we welcome PRESTO research projects that aim to link with researchers from other fields than the applicant's. (Please specify the expertise and roles of the applicant and the party/parties with whom the applicant seeks to have links).
We received a number of research proposal applications during FY2012. We have accepted a wide variety of proposals, including those with the following three subject areas: (1) understanding interesting biological phenomena with a constructive approach, (2) development of techniques and methods for the design and control of cellular functions, and (3) development of techniques and methods for the foundation of synthetic biology and regulatory biology. Please refer to the following points if you plan to re-apply using the submitted projects or with new projects:

  1. We are looking for research proposals that extend beyond the mere “description” or “identification” of factors in biological phenomena. We strongly recommend that applicants consider their research plans from a more constructive perspective, according to their experience.
  2. If the project theme is related to innovative and advanced technology development, please describe in detail “what” the new technology facilitates and “how” it leads to a better understanding of biological phenomena and cellular functions.
  3. Research proposals and plans would be more persuasive if they contain preliminary data, supporting your working hypothesis, or the readiness of the experimental techniques.
  4. Major areas that are expected to develop in the future are synthetic and regulatory biology of biological phenomena at organism levels, or life science research which is initiated from theory and information. However, we were unable to accept sufficient number of proposals in these areas during the last fiscal year. We recommend that you consider the submission of any future proposals that fall under these areas.