Creation of essential technologies to utilize carbon dioxide as a resource through the enhancement of plant productivity and the exploitation of plant products

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Hironaka Tsukagoshi (Associate Professor, Department of Agrobiological Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, Meijyo University)

Developing a novel system that regulates the intra-cellular gene regulatory network "iGRN" controlling the plant biomass production via cell transdifferentiation

 Plant root is an important organ that communicates with surrounding environment. Improvement of root biomass leads whole plant biomass to enhancement. In this study, I focus on the transcriptional network that is regulated by the UPBEAT1 (UPB1), a key regulator for the transition from the cell proliferation to differentiation in roots. I develop an artificial system of UPB1 intra-cellular gene regulatory network, "UPB1 iGRN" by combining "multi-color fluorescence live imaging" and "systems biology." I will create a novel system that will accelerate plant biomass production using the artificial control of the cell transdifferentiation that is regulated by the UPB1 iGRN.